11 months ago
working on tagging here and there, tags i'm using
Okay so some of the tags I've been adding to the list and some things I've been doing. Especially for the TAGME one, if you disagree with it, I'll knock it off.


I know there's a stats tag already and I'm leaving that alone. should fan_technical_readout be reduced to fan_tro? probably. simple is good.

I've also been stripping the TAGME off everything I tag if it has four or more tags on it already. I think removing some TAGMEs will help make things look a little less daunting as we work, but maybe that's just me. I know some boorus like to leave TAGME on things perpetually so they get added to as time goes on. If that's the case here I'll knock that shit off.

Also a master taglist containing all the suggestions that gets edited once in a while to include new ones might be good for folks who want to help so they can easily follow along. Just tacking things on we think of as they are thought of is all. Maybe the Alias page? I dunno.
9 months ago
For the fan tro, maybe tro_fan would work, as it would alphabetize better.

Concerning the "tagme" tags, I leave them on if there are anything that isn't identified yet, most especially the artists. Once everything I can think of is identified, then I remove it.

I'll accept suggestions for more tags.
And thanks for all the help!
Sorry it took so long to get to this.
8 months ago
Alright, tro_fan it is. I should be able to do some more tagging coming up here soon. If I come up with any ideas for tags as I'm punching that random button I'll let you know.

No worries about the speed of reply; was just tossing this out there to minimize the chances of me screwing up the booru and making people redo what I've already gone over.

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