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Some examples of tagging for those helping in this big project:

Definition: - Hi_res low_res

color (various): - red blue etc...

weight: - 30_tons 100_tons

name: - Javelin Warhammer Osiris

Class: - battlemech mech tank vehicle infantry battle_armor warship aerospace aerospade_fighter dropship

movement profile: - tracked hover wheeled

Artist(s): - Duane_Loose Matt_Plog

Special: - silly motivational motivational_poster Sean_Connery(for art that looks like famous people) kitty(like Mad Cat kitty art)

nickname: - Urbie

background (if applies): - trees desert asteroids

construct designation (big words!): - mini(s) model toy

source: - vg(for video game) cg(computer graphics) Mechwarrior_3 Mechwarrior_Online

character name: - Grayson_Death_Carlyle Grayson_Carlyle Natasha_Kerensky

If something is missing: - tagme
4 months ago
Update - 2018-04-18
Someone said it looked daunting. It is, but I'm personally determined to keep this going. For anyone needing an initial idea on how to help on the booru if you have time, here ya go.

2018-04-18 - - TAGGING PARAMETERS VER. 1.1
Types of pic: - baw (for black and white,) color, photo composite
Theme of pic: - silly, meme, /btg/, reaction
Content: - Example: Atlas, 100_tons, battlemech, mech (all these apply)
Example 2: Vehicle, Wheeled, Striker, 35_tons tank
Source 1 ARTIST: - Earl_Geier, Shimmering_Sword, ACS, Anthony_scroggins, Alex_Iglesias, AI, Pencil_bro, buttpants, Bradigus, Chris_lewis, Matt_plog, "missing_artist," etc...
Source 2: - If you made a meme / reaction pic, whatever, CLAM DAT STUFF! EX: - “Blue Gunner, NEA / Not Entirely Anon, etc….”
Source 3: - tro, tro_artwork, 3050, 3050u (the previous two is for tros,) sometimes ID of product / book pic came from
Elements: - “Face, hat, luche_libre, Mexico, etc...” For this pic:
Color: - (Mostly used for vehicles / mechs, etc.) Red, white, yellow, whatever…, also camo, camouflage, stripes tiger_stripes...
Language: - Japanese, moon_runes (always trying to use this for Nipponese,) foreign
Actions: - physical_attack, melee, DFA, Death_from_above, punch, brutal_punch, kick, firing, jump, jumping
Other: - Mini, minis, miniature, miniatures, model, trees, water, fire, hatchet, mace, spikes, smoke, flames, explosion, moon, night, forest, desert, city, buildings, etc...
Stats: - For anything made with MegaMek, etc. If you made it, CLAIM DAT DESIGN!
Stats help: - basically special weapon types, RAC, HPPC, LGR, etc...

Anyone have any questions, I should be around if not taken away by day to day obligations.
NOTE: - I started tagging somewhere around the 3-5 thousand mark, then decided to start from scratch from pic one and go from there. I probably don’t have every pic perfectly tagged, but I keep refining the process. I think I’m doing okay for now.
3 months ago
I'm clarifying a few things to differentiate stuff. Anything 1:100, 1:144 and 1:285 I'm tagging as "miniature", while the larger stuff is getting tagged as "model" with scale. Helps keep the basic scale distinctions clear.
I'm also tagging models with manufacturer if identified, and the short run resin stuff as "garage kits"

Loose scale notes:
28mm = basically anything from 1:56 to 1:60. If it looks like it's scaled for 40k, just tag it "28mm" unless you know the exact scale.

25mm = 1:72, aka "Hot Wheels" scale.

15mm = 1:100. Rare in BT. Some of the Japanese finescale guys work in it, as well as a few American manufacturers - like Shimmy's old Mecha Front project.

10-12mm = 1:144 = N-scale. AKA "Museum" scale for IWM, or Clickytech scale. Lots of garage casters, particularly Orko_one, use the scale. Also used for Reaper's CAV and Heavy Gear Blitz, popular for kitbashing. Shinx/N-Scaler and Spaceman Spiff both work exclusively in it.

Very distinctive terrain setup. Uses heavy drybrushing, real-world hazard signs, and pinup decals. Lots of conversions, often using legos, Star Wars/Aliens model parts, and handsculpting. Very rarely uses canon schemes or decals. Bases infantry on coins, handcuts larger bases.

Clean, inked, heavily-saturated colors. Lots of freehanding on some later models. Canon schemes and decals, Dracs often have sashimono. Works a lot with gashapon and scratchbuilt models. Round, lipped bases

1:285 = Regular BT scale. Untagged, unless the mini is not intended for Battletech or not obvious from the pic.

There are a few odd scales; Toronto_oldhammer uses 1:320 gashapon, and Arii manufactured a series of 1:200 double-packs.
3 months ago
Further notes on plastic minis: I'm tagging all plastics with "plastic" as well as tag for which set they come from. ID guides below with links as they become available.

boxed_set_(3e) - 3rd edition boxed set.
ID cues: Unseen vinyl minis. Molded, undetailed hexes, model number on front of base. Often warped or damaged.

CityTech_Plastic - Citytech 2e boxed set minis.
ID cues: Hard, rubbery resin. Dark blue or silver, have both colors in collection. 3050s model numbers on bases. Soft detail, prominent mold lines, long-limbed designs.
IS models:
Clan Models: Daishi/Dire Wolf, Mad Cat/Timber Wolf, Uller/Kit Fox, Nova/Black Hawk. (no photo as yet)

PlasTech - Plastech reinforcements boxed set.
Soft detail, cone-shaped arms on many units. "Fatlas" and "Fatapult" are from this set.

Boxed_set_(5e) - Both the Fanpro (5e) and 25th Anniversary (6e) sets. Low-quality, "skinny" minis. Sunken, narrow bases with prominent mold lines. 25a set includes the HQ Thor and Loki minis as a bonus.

Lance_pack - 7e/"Atlas" boxed sets and Alpha Strike Lance Packs.
ID: Thicker than the 5/6e minis, medium grey plastic, no mold lines on bases. All bases are same dimensions and rarely warped.

Gashapon: Japanese trading figures of the Unseen. Notable sets include the CMS corporation Dougram series (2 & 3, Series 1 is in clickytech scale).

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