1 years ago
Some examples of tagging for those helping in this big project:

Definition: - Hi_res low_res

color (various): - red blue etc...

weight: - 30_tons 100_tons

name: - Javelin Warhammer Osiris

Class: - battlemech mech tank vehicle infantry battle_armor warship aerospace aerospade_fighter dropship

movement profile: - tracked hover wheeled

Artist(s): - Duane_Loose Matt_Plog

Special: - silly motivational motivational_poster Sean_Connery(for art that looks like famous people) kitty(like Mad Cat kitty art)

nickname: - Urbie

background (if applies): - trees desert asteroids

construct designation (big words!): - mini(s) model toy

source: - vg(for video game) cg(computer graphics) Mechwarrior_3 Mechwarrior_Online

character name: - Grayson_Death_Carlyle Grayson_Carlyle Natasha_Kerensky

If something is missing: - tagme

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